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Cheer Info 8-16-18

Good evening parents!  I hope you all enjoyed our Jamboree this past Saturday.  The girls did a fabulous job!  We do have games in Mt. Juliet this weekend.  Your game day coach will be notifying you as to what squad your daughter is on.  There has been a few issues with the roster that we are trying to work out (hopefully by Thursday evening).  I need to meet with the parents of all A and B girls (girl’s that are 9 and older) on Thursday at 6:30.  I need to meet with all peewee parents at 7:00 on Thursday.  

Please make sure that your daughter is practicing her cheers at home.  The youtube videos and the words that were sent out will be very helpful in your daughter’s practicing.
I will be ordering midriffs very soon, please let me know what size you would like your daughter to have.  Midriffs are what goes under her uniform top when it gets cold outside.  It provides long sleeves for her.  I will also be putting in a cheer duffle bag order.  If you would like to get one for your daughter, I need your payment of $15.00 before i order her bag.
We will be having a MANDATORY Competition Meeting on, Sunday, August 26, the time and place is to be determined.  If your daughter plans on doing competition, I need you at this meeting.  If she is still contemplating on doing it, I highly recommend you coming to the meeting.  This meeting will give you all the ins and outs of competition.
Girls need to bring a water bottle with them to practice and games!  It is very important that they stay hydrated.  When we have a game it is crucial that your daughter starts to drink water the night before and all day leading up to her game time and through game time.  I would strongly recommend that she stays away from soda and juice the morning of the game.  Girl’s also need to eat before coming to the game. Please do not send them to cheer with an empty stomach.
Thank you again parents for investing in our program!  We are enjoying working with each and everyone of your girls!!
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let me know.
Thank you,
Coach Tammy

BEAR BOWL- Mt Juliet this Weekend 8-18-18

 Guess What? 

We have more FOOTBALL this Weekend in Mt Juliet! The schedule is listed below but REMEMBER it is subject to change!! There is also a $5 gate fee for these games for those 13 and older.

Field 2

9am- CC Whit vs MJ CC

11am- CC Crim vs MJ CC

1pm- JPW vs MJ JPW

Field 3

11:15am- TPW vs Titans PW

12:15pm- CC Wht vs BKM CC

1:15pm- BB vs BKM BB

3:15pm- BBB vs BTW BBB

4:15pm- AA vs BKM AA

Field 4

2:30pm- CCC vs BTW CCC

5:30pm- AAA vs MJ AA


Games this Coming Weekend- Mt. Juliet

Good evening,

What a great day of football and fellowship yesterday. Thank you to all of you for creating a great atmosphere for all the kids to participate in. Many Smyrna parents were very complimentary of the park and people today.

Many of our teams will have games this coming Saturday in Mt. Juliet. That schedule will come out early next week. This will be another game with a $5 gate fee for everyone 13 and older and another opportunity to get our teams ready for the season. We look forward to another opportunity to compete and get better.


Derek Johnson

Cheer Memo 8-7-18

Just a reminder that the park is closed tonight; therefore, we will NOT be practicing!!! 

We WILL be practicing Thursday and Friday this week with jamboree on Saturday. We will let you know when your daughter will be cheering as soon as the schedule is final.  We would like for every girl to cheer 2 games if possible. Remember that this week will be a little different since we are still in divisions, by next week we will be in game day squads. 

Also please keep in mind, that if your daughters fees are not paid in full by Friday, she is unable to participate until they are paid. 

If you have not sent me your daughters birth certificate i need that by Friday as my books will be turned in on Sunday. Without her birth certificate i can not register her. If i am missing your daughters birth certificate i did send an email out to you last night. Please check your emails to see if that is you. 

Again If you have any questions, please let me know! 

 Thank you! 

🐘Coach Tammy 🐘

Fundraiser $$ & CHEER news

Good afternoon,

We will not be able to take payments tonight during practice. Anyone who needs to make a payment tonight can see me or Richard after practice. We both practice on the Pee Wee field across from the basketball park and either of us can take care of that for you. I will have more or the laundry detergent fundraiser forms with me as well for those who may need them.

Anyone who has fundraiser money and forms they would like to turn in and have the funds applied to the account can also do that after practice tonight with Richard.

Today is also the last day to register for cheerleading. After tonight we will not be able to accept any more participants for cheer.

Thank You, God Bless and Roll Tide

Derek Johnson

Message from CHEER Coach Tammy- 7-27-18

Good evening Parents!  We had another great practice tonight!  Your girls are definitely working hard!  We are so proud of them!!

The Cheers that were taught tonight are:
We Are the Bomb
Victory, Victory
Crimson Can’t Be Beat
Pepsi Cola
These cheers have more moves and techniques.  Please make sure your daughter is practicing with the videos on our youtube page:

WE DO have practice tomorrow (Friday)! 

The mosquitoes were terrible tonight!!! Please make sure to spray your daughters with bug spray before dropping them off at practice. We will NOT be spraying the girls!
I apologize for not addressing this before today, Our practice ends at 8PM.  We are aware that football teams are finishing up at the same time; however, we need you to come and get your daughter 1st. Even if we are running behind you may take your daughter so you can get back to football.  The last 10-15 minutes of practice is our fun activity so feel free to grab her.  We have coaches with Football players that need to go down and get their boys.  We will under NO circumstance allow a cheerleader to leave and walk to football on their own.  A parent MUST come to the pavilion to pick her up.
Just a Reminder… Our Mandatory Parent Meeting is on Monday at 6:30.  Please make sure you send someone from your family to the meeting.  At the meeting; we will be collecting birth certificates from new Cheerleaders and the $15.00 for your daughter’s cheer bag (optional, you don’t have to get one).  Please make sure you bring the exact amount as I will not have change.
We have our Car Wash this Saturday at Auto Zone in Lavergne from 10-2.  We hope to see you there!☺
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let me know.
I hope you all have a great night! See you at practice!
Coach Tammy

ATTENTION: Friday 7-27-18 Practice

Good evening,

Just a couple things regarding practice for Friday night. ALL TEAMS WILL PRACTICE EXCEPT BB and B. FLAG TEAMS  will have their practice days. CHEER will also practice. The 5/6 year old practice will be held on the softball/baseball fields up by the football concessions stand. There is a movie night in the park taking place at our normal practice field.

Please refrain from parking on the sidewalk in front of the tennis court and skate park. Please also be sure to park in parking spaces, especially close to that sidewalk. When both of those things happen, it makes it unsafe for the kids in the park to travel through there as it is very congested and difficult to see. It also makes it a one lane area which is difficult to navigate.

It has been a great first week of practice and it only gets better from here.

Thank You, God Bless and Roll Tide

Derek Johnson