A Note from the RCCT Treasurer

Dear RCCT Family and Friends,
On behalf of the RCCT Board I would like to thank all of the families that participated and supported the Laundry Detergent fundraiser that ended on August, 10, 2018.  This year as a community RCCT sold 156 tubs of detergent and collected $7,800.00 in sales.  The total benefit to the League is $2,340.00 which will go to various accounts for fees.  In fact, RCCT families received $1,430 in applied registration fees.  The remaining $910.00 will be used to help offset the cost of the new helmets we purchased this year.
We would like to give a special thanks to our top sellers.  This year it was a very tight race for the top sellers:
1st Place: Stephanie Russell – 25 tubs (TPW)
2nd Place: Starkesha Whitman – 19 tubs (JPW & BB)
3rd Place: Chanda Harper – 18 tubs (BB & Cheer BBB)
Remember we will have the next Laundry Detergent Fundraiser in October and it will only run for 2 weeks.  You can start to presale early, but the product will not be back until the first week in November. This fundraiser can be used toward travel cost for teams that are going to “The Battle of Rocky Top” and “The Snapper Bowl”.  Please check out the RCCT website (www. crimsontideyouthfootball.org/) under the schedule tab for the dates for these events.

God Bless and Roll Tide!

Richard Bryant

RCCT, Treasurer

BEAR BOWL- Mt Juliet this Weekend 8-18-18

 Guess What? 

We have more FOOTBALL this Weekend in Mt Juliet! The schedule is listed below but REMEMBER it is subject to change!! There is also a $5 gate fee for these games for those 13 and older.

Field 2

9am- CC Whit vs MJ CC

11am- CC Crim vs MJ CC

1pm- JPW vs MJ JPW

Field 3

11:15am- TPW vs Titans PW

12:15pm- CC Wht vs BKM CC

1:15pm- BB vs BKM BB

3:15pm- BBB vs BTW BBB

4:15pm- AA vs BKM AA

Field 4

2:30pm- CCC vs BTW CCC

5:30pm- AAA vs MJ AA