DO you want to support the TEAM?

Do you need extra assistance paying football fees?

Do you like smelling clean and fresh for only pennies a day? 🙂

 Then this Laundry Detergent Fundraiser is for you!!!

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CLICK BELOW for fundraising form:

2018 rcct laundry detergent fundraiser form.ppt

Taken from email sent from RCCT President Derek Johnson:

I know that many of you are waiting on the laundry detergent fundraiser to get started in order to help cover the registration cost, in addition to it being popular with previous customers. We will have forms available to hand out at the camp tonight and I have included a link below to download the form as well. Due to having to have $100 paid towards the registration cost before equipment can be issued, we moved the start date up. You can start taking orders whenever you like as long as you make sure those who are ordering early understand that we will not place the order until early August and will not have the product back until the middle or end of August. As long as they are OK with waiting a little longer, then it will give everyone an opportunity to get ahead of the game a little. We also want to keep it going the first 2 weeks of practice for those families that sign up once practice starts to have the same opportunity for financial assistance should they need/want it.

We will be doing the laundry detergent fundraiser 2 times this season.

This initial sale will be used for anyone who would like to cover the cost of their registration initially. Once a participant’s fees are covered, any sales above that or sales by anyone who’s fees are already covered would go to RCCT to help cover the cost of buying new helmets and the cost of reconditioning helmets at the end of the season. Every season we lose some helmets from players that either leave during the season or at the end of the season without turning in their equipment. This year we anticipate having to purchase 40-50 new helmets prior to the season to ensure we are able to provide each player with the equipment he/she needs to participate safely. While this fundraiser is voluntary, we appreciate all the people who are able to support the organization by participating in it.

The second sale will be an opportunity for you to raise funds for your team’s travel expenses to end of season tournaments, travel gear or other needs related to your child’s team. Funds will not carry over to next season. Any unused funds would go towards upgrading equipment for the following season. This fundraiser will start around the middle of October and run for 2 weeks.

For those parents that are new to our organization, many if not all of our teams will travel to tournaments at the end of the season. Possible destinations are Chattanooga, Knoxville and Panama City, FL. Once your child is set on a team, those coaches will be able to communicate with you the possible destinations and and you will be able to start planning for that. If you take a check as payment from someone, we need the cheerleader or football player’s name you’re selling for to be in the memo line.

Please plan to turn in order forms and money to either me, our Treasurer Richard Bryant or our Secretary Desiree Carpenter before or after practice in the coming weeks There also may be availability to turn them in during practice time if Desiree is set up taking registrations.

I also made one minor change to the form, so if you haven’t already downloaded it and printed it, please use this one.

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