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Urgent email sent 7-17-18 Log-in to your account..

The following info was emailed from the Derek Johnson on 7-17-18

Good evening Crimson Tide Family,

Need some help. There is another form that we need to be acknowledged on the registration process. I apologize for the inconvenience and would very much appreciate it if everyone could log in to their account and acknowledge the form. It will only take a minute to do and will prevent you/us from having to fill out a paper form. Please click on the following link to see the easiest way to acknowledge the form. It is a 2 step process. wavier acknowledgement instructions.docx

Thank you for your help with this. This is a required document and will have to be completed in order for all players and cheerleaders to be rostered. Doing it online is the best option. Please make every effort to get it done and contact me if you need help. We will have a tent set up during the first week of practice like we did during the camp. We will be taking payments, birth certificates and assisting with this process for those who need it.

Thank you, God Bless and Roll Tide

Derek Johnson

Continued Success!!!

We continue to celebrate the Championship wins of not ONE but SIX Rutherford County Crimson Tide teams! RCCT had several teams win 2017 TYFA Championships. Way to GO Tide

AA-  Head Coach Ronnie Harding  Assistant Coaches:  Kent Walker,  Damian Hunt, Martez Cooksey,  Jermaine Bethany, and Brian Turner

BBB-  Head Coach Roderick Sims Assistant Coaches: Ira Covington,       Gary Barnes, Jackie Barnes, David Anku, and Marcus Perry

BBHead Coach Tim Pendergrass Assistant Coaches: Tyrone Gooch, Tony Gooch, Oduwa Igharo, Adrian Parrish, Kenny Adams, Christian Adams

CCC- Head Coached Ty Reed         Assistant Coaches: Laciana Jackson, Rodger Colvin, Eric Marks,              Rasheed McGee, and David Smith 

CC-GreyHead Coach Kevin Hicks Assistant Coaches: Jonathan Hartfield, Travis White, D’Mareo Majors, Dylan Meadows, Craig Borowitz

JPW- Head Coach Derek Johnson Assistant Coaches: Richard Bryant, Robert Harrison, Greg Thompson,       Fred Burnette, Ken Allison, and Frederick Burnette

Crimson Tide is now part of TYFA

Good afternoon Crimson Tide Family,

We have some important information to share with you. But first, I want to thank each and every one of you for the support and commitment to RCCT the past 2 years. We have had many great accomplishments on the football field as well as seeing your children grow socially and academically through their hard work, your continued support as well as with the help of those that volunteer their time with RCCT.

With that being said, RCCT will be playing in TYFA this season in what we expect to be the first of many seasons. Here is a link to their website for those who would like more information about the other communities in the organization.

I would also like to take this time to thank all of our board members, past and present, for the work that has been done with this organization. Since January, our primary focus has been on finding the best place for our organization to continue to compete and develop our young people. And with this part behind us, we will be able to fully focus on the upcoming season to ensure that we provide the same quality coaching and mentoring we are known for.

In addition to those I have already mentioned, I would also like to thank the Smyrna Bulldogs Youth Football and Cheerleading organization. As someone who has lived in La Vergne for over 30 years and graduated from La Vergne High School, Smyrna has always been seen as a rival. That ended Sunday, at least in regards to the youth programs, as they are now considered family. They went above and beyond for our program and your kids so that we could have a place to play. And for that we are grateful.

Now we get to move on and focus on football cheerleading. I know that some people have been waiting for this before deciding on where to register their child, I totally understand. Now that we will be playing in a local league that will provide a schedule for all our teams, we look forward to welcoming all our players and families back to RCCT. With this move, RCCT will be fully committed to TYFA.

 We will be having on-site registration at La Vergne Veteran’s Memorial Park Saturdays in June from 10 – 4 and we will announce July on-site days and times as we get closer to that time. You can also register online at at your convenience.

The first day of practice for TYFA will be July 17 and the Jamboree will be August 5. We are working to get more dates and info and will pass that along as we get it.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact any board member or me directly. My cell number is 615-943-7641 and my email is You can also get any questions answered at the park during the above listed registration times.


Thank you, God Bless and Roll Tide!!!!