2019 Fundraiser: Titans Ticket Sales

Your Team could play a quarter on the field!

Click Here for YouthFootballFundLogSheet– This sheet will help you track ticket orders.

Click Here for Youth Football Voucher – These are to give to customers once they purchase tickets from the team/league. They turn them in with you to get their tickets once we finalize numbers. You can edit them and put your team/league name in the blank space.

2019  Fundraiser: Laundry Detergent Sales

82 units sold during 2019 season totaling $1230.00
We would like to give a special thanks to our top sellers. 
1st Place:

Starkesha Whitman – 19 tubs (JPW & BBB)

2nd Place: 

Stephanie Russell- 11 tubs (CC)

Your RCCT player and/or cheerleader could help make our 2019 goal!!

Click HERE for the Form