2019 Fundraiser: Titans Ticket Sales

Your Team could play a quarter on the field!

Click Here for YouthFootballFundLogSheet– This sheet will help you track ticket orders.

Click Here for Youth Football Voucher – These are to give to customers once they purchase tickets from the team/league. They turn them in with you to get their tickets once we finalize numbers. You can edit them and put your team/league name in the blank space.

2018 Fundraiser: Laundry Detergent Sales

156 sold during 2018 season
We would like to give a special thanks to our top sellers. This year it was a very tight race for the top sellers:
1st Place: Stephanie Russell – 25 tubs (TPW)
2nd Place: Starkesha Whitman – 19 tubs (JPW & BB)
3rd Place: Chanda Harper – 18 tubs (BB & Cheer BBB)

Your RCCT player and/or cheerleader could help make our 2019 goal!!

Click HERE for the Form



Menu changes weekly!!!

Here are a few things about my Meal Plans: 
1. I send out a new menu each Friday… 
2. No beef, pork, or fried food… 
3. I send a Questionnaire to all Clients as follows – Do you have any allergies? Dietary restrictions? Goals? If so, include them so that I can put it with your file… 
4. Free Delivery twice each week… Mondays for Mon/Tues and again on Wednesdays for Wed thru Fri… 
5. Referral Program: Clients can share with friends, family, clients, social media, etc… Incentive: You get $5 off for any referral who places an order… Your week is totally free if you send 5 People my way… 
6. Starting Aug 2018, All Teachers and State Workers are one flat rate of $50 for any of the Three Meal Options… 
7. Number of Meals – Just one… But it’s a very big portion so Everyone splits it in halves or thirds… Fresh fruit & my own little trail mix comes with every dish… 
8. There’s also a plan for Kiddos… Great for school lunch, extra curricular activities, and sports… 


2018 Fundraiser: Titans Ticket Sales

Tennessee Titans


Baltimore Ravens