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Fundraiser: Laundry Detergent Sales ( there’ll be TWO sets of sales)

1st round ENDED in August with a September  delivery. 156 sold
We would like to give a special thanks to our top sellers.  This year it was a very tight race for the top sellers:
1st Place: Stephanie Russell – 25 tubs (TPW)
2nd Place: Starkesha Whitman – 19 tubs (JPW & BB)
3rd Place: Chanda Harper – 18 tubs (BB & Cheer BBB)

2nd round ends in October with a November delivery.

We sold over 200 last year and  you and your RCCT player and/or cheerleader could help us sell TWICE as much this season!

Click HERE for the Form

 Olimometer 2.52 156




Menu changes weekly!!!

 Take part in this great deal from 08/13/18 through Homecoming 

Here are a few things about my Meal Plans: 
1. I send out a new menu each Friday… 
2. No beef, pork, or fried food… 
3. I send a Questionnaire to all Clients as follows – Do you have any allergies? Dietary restrictions? Goals? If so, include them so that I can put it with your file… 
4. Free Delivery twice each week… Mondays for Mon/Tues and again on Wednesdays for Wed thru Fri… 
5. Referral Program: Clients can share with friends, family, clients, social media, etc… Incentive: You get $5 off for any referral who places an order… Your week is totally free if you send 5 People my way… 
6. Starting Aug 2018, All Teachers and State Workers are one flat rate of $50 for any of the Three Meal Options… 
7. Number of Meals – Just one… But it’s a very big portion so Everyone splits it in halves or thirds… Fresh fruit & my own little trail mix comes with every dish… 
8. There’s also a plan for Kiddos… Great for school lunch, extra curricular activities, and sports… 



Fundraiser: Titans Ticket Sales

Tennessee Titans vs Baltimore Ravens

Help your Crimson Tide kiddos sell tickets for the October 14th Tennessee Titans vs Baltimore Ravens game. 

Ticket Log Sheet          Ticket Confirmations     Ticket Flyer

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