Continued Success!!!

We continue to celebrate the Championship wins of not ONE but SIX Rutherford County Crimson Tide teams! RCCT had several teams win 2017 TYFA Championships. Way to GO Tide

AA-  Head Coach Ronnie Harding  Assistant Coaches:  Kent Walker,  Damian Hunt, Martez Cooksey,  Jermaine Bethany, and Brian Turner

BBB-  Head Coach Roderick Sims Assistant Coaches: Ira Covington,       Gary Barnes, Jackie Barnes, David Anku, and Marcus Perry

BBHead Coach Tim Pendergrass Assistant Coaches: Tyrone Gooch, Tony Gooch, Oduwa Igharo, Adrian Parrish, Kenny Adams, Christian Adams

CCC- Head Coached Ty Reed         Assistant Coaches: Laciana Jackson, Rodger Colvin, Eric Marks,              Rasheed McGee, and David Smith 

CC-GreyHead Coach Kevin Hicks Assistant Coaches: Jonathan Hartfield, Travis White, D’Mareo Majors, Dylan Meadows, Craig Borowitz

JPW- Head Coach Derek Johnson Assistant Coaches: Richard Bryant, Robert Harrison, Greg Thompson,       Fred Burnette, Ken Allison, and Frederick Burnette

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