We continue to celebrate the Championship wins of not ONE but SIX Rutherford County Crimson Tide teams! RCCT had several teams win 2017 TYFA Championships. Way to GO Tide

AA-  Head Coach Ronnie Harding  Assistant Coaches:  Kent Walker,  Damian Hunt, Martez Cooksey,  Jermaine Bethany, and Brian Turner

BBB-  Head Coach Roderick Sims Assistant Coaches: Ira Covington,       Gary Barnes, Jackie Barnes, David Anku, and Marcus Perry

BBHead Coach Tim Pendergrass Assistant Coaches: Tyrone Gooch, Tony Gooch, Oduwa Igharo, Adrian Parrish, Kenny Adams, Christian Adams

CCC- Head Coached Ty Reed         Assistant Coaches: Laciana Jackson, Rodger Colvin, Eric Marks,              Rasheed McGee, and David Smith 

CC-GreyHead Coach Kevin Hicks Assistant Coaches: Jonathan Hartfield, Travis White, D’Mareo Majors, Dylan Meadows, Craig Borowitz

JPW- Head Coach Derek Johnson Assistant Coaches: Richard Bryant, Robert Harrison, Greg Thompson,       Fred Burnette, Ken Allison, and Frederick Burnette

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