Good evening,

Just a couple things regarding practice for Friday night. ALL TEAMS WILL PRACTICE EXCEPT BB and B. FLAG TEAMS  will have their practice days. CHEER will also practice. The 5/6 year old practice will be held on the softball/baseball fields up by the football concessions stand. There is a movie night in the park taking place at our normal practice field.

Please refrain from parking on the sidewalk in front of the tennis court and skate park. Please also be sure to park in parking spaces, especially close to that sidewalk. When both of those things happen, it makes it unsafe for the kids in the park to travel through there as it is very congested and difficult to see. It also makes it a one lane area which is difficult to navigate.

It has been a great first week of practice and it only gets better from here.

Thank You, God Bless and Roll Tide

Derek Johnson

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